Artwork by  Cesar Cueva

Artwork by Cesar Cueva


I'm a lover of art, design, crafts and fashion. A true Seattle-ite to the soul, I enjoy the views of the Puget Sound, a good cup of coffee and the occasional rainfall (down pour). I'm passionate about understanding users' needs by combining function and beauty within User Experience (UX) and visual design.

Simplicity, vibrant colors and unique textures are what I'm constantly drawn to when working on designs and art. Since I was young, I've always felt connected to the arts and technology and think it's important to incorporate users and their needs with good design. My hope is to utilize my art and creativity to develop innovative solutions by bringing my unique perspective and abilities to the UX community.

I identify as a Korean American Adoptee (with a place in my heart for my Nordic midwestern roots from my parents). Much of my artwork consists of my experience as an adoptee and the connection, or rather my disconnect, from Korea. I find inspiration in various textiles and colors. 

This portfolio serves as a venue to showcase my professional and my artistic works. Please enjoy. 

Resume is available upon request.